Uplogix Multimedia

Uplogix can automate a majority of the routine maintenance and recovery tasks of an IT admin, but faster, error-free and at a fraction of the cost. Uplogix reduces management complexity by delivering the first integrated, remote management solution to provide secure remote access and local, in-depth monitoring, as well as configuration, fault and service level management.

Product Demos

CLI Dashboard CLI Dashboard
Demonstration of the Uplogix command line interface, highlighting the CLI dashboard.
  Device Management through CLI Uplogix Control Center
Demonstration of the Uplogix Control Center, the centralized point of control for Uplogix and managed devices deployed throughout your distributed IT environment.



ROMmon Recovery

ROMmon Recovery
Demonstration of how the Uplogix platform recovers a network device from a ROMmon state.

ROMmon Animation
Shows how the ROMmon recovery actions map to a timeline.



ROMmon Recovery

Surgical Rollback
Demonstration of the Uplogix platform Surgical Rollback™ feature.

Surgical Rollback Animation
Surgical Rollback actions mapped to a timeline.


ROMmon Recovery

Uplogix / Device Interaction
A view of how Uplogix manages connected devices.






The Convergence of IT Operations and Security Compliance
Leading analysts from Gartner, Inc., and experts from Uplogix examine the market trends, as well as the processes, technologies, and vendor solutions for security and operations convergence. Hear about the requirements, challenges, and key components necessary to manage a network environment remotely and securely.