Uplogix Local Management Software:
Automated Support

"Just knowing there is a problem at a remote location doesn't solve anything."

Users require continuous performance from IT and few things are more disruptive than a network outage. Finding and fixing IT problems remains a time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive process. Skilled technicians must be dispatched, trucks roll or planes fly. Existing management tools are good at monitoring devices and identifying problems, but lack the intelligence and local control to actively fix problems when they occur, forcing IT staff to go on-site to perform routine administration and recovery tasks.

According to Nemertes Research, IT staff at large enterprises spend between 30 and 50 percent of their time troubleshooting and fixing problems at remote locations.

Uplogix lowers the cost and complexity of management by diagnosing and automatically fixing common problems throughout your infrastructure. In fact, Uplogix local management can address and resolve 95% of the issues that commonly impact distributed networks such as configuration errors, nonresponsive devices and telecom hardware failures.

Using device manufacturers’ best practices, Uplogix Local Managers have hundreds of built-in management procedures that enable the appliances to take action when certain conditions occur.

Key Automated Support Capabilities

Automate standard support routines. Uplogix provides numerous recovery procedures that allow you to automatically address common faults without human intervention such as automatically rebooting a hung, or wedged, device to multiple types of configuration recovery.  A robust automation framework is provided for end-users to modify prepackaged or define sequential and conditional recovery procedures that align with their support practices (e.g.   Clear Service Module -> Cycle Interface -> Show Tech -> Reboot -> Cycle Power).

Recover from failed configuration changes via the powerful SurgicalRollback™ feature. This added "safety net" enables IT staff to make real-time to changes to network elements without the risk of failed configurations impacting operational performance.

Reboot hung equipment. Uplogix’ automated diagnosis framework can automatically detect a hung, or wedged, device and instantly cycle power to the unit. The Uplogix Local Manager can often detect and resolve this common problem before traditional management tools even know it exists.

Troubleshoot WAN connection issues. Uplogix can automatically detect common WAN problems, including outages or flapping circuits, and provide an instant diagnosis with the supporting trending or configuration data to speed recovery, document outages, or facilitate carrier resolution.


As you rely on the router to carry branch services, you’ll need an out-of-band solution that can help configure, back up, and reboot the device... For more advanced needs, Uplogix takes it one step further with its products, which provide standardized procedures for OS upgrades and patches, modifying configuration elements, and password updates and recovery — in essence building “best-practices-in-a-box” with scripts that automate branch management tasks.”

— Rob Whitley,
Forrester Research