Integration & Device Support

Uplogix Automated Remote Management (ARM) solutions are designed to strengthen and simplify the management of networking and satellite communications infrastructure in remote locations. ARM guarantees that IT teams maintain management continuity by ensuring visibility and access to remote devices and device data on a 24/7 basis, even if the network is temporarily unavailable.

Uplogix ARM integrates with many leading software and hardware systems today. Integration with various network devices and server platforms is accomplished by tying the device's command line interface into the Uplogix unified CLI framework. The unified common interface not only eliminates the need for administrators to remember individual device commands, but also makes automating common management tasks simpler. Devices not currently supported can be managed natively by using the device CLI.

NSM Software supported includes:

Uplogix makes the software in your NOC stronger

An example device integration includes the following:

  • Authentication to the device
  • Granular authorization to device commands
  • Configuration management and recovery for the device
  • Firmware / OS upgrade and re-imaging in event of failures
  • Collection of device system logs
  • Reboot / power cycle
  • Constant performance / error monitoring for the device
  • User session and keystroke logging
  • Storage and reporting of device changes

Hardware devices currently supported include:

Compatible hardware platforms

  • Routers: Nortel, Juniper, Cisco, Tasman
  • Switches: 3Com, Alcatel, Cisco
  • Firewall: Netscreen, Cisco
  • GPS: Garmin
  • Satellite modem: Comtech, iDirect
  • VSAT: NDSatcom
  • Servers: HP, Sun, Dell
  • Server operating systems: Linux, Solaris, Windows 2003